Monday, April 20, 2009

Update Reloaded: Deck from Career Bootcamp 2009 and Thanks for all the Retweets

My Deck

I just wanted to share the deck I used during my talk at Career Bootcamp 2009 with all of you. Here it is below. Keep in mind that some of the slides have animation, etc. So if it looks a touch confusing on slideshare it is because it looks awesome in person.

UPDATE: Here is the audio. Note I couldn't sync up the audio and slides so you will have to navigate them at your own.

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If you were there then you know that I recorded the audio from my talk (as I do w/all my presentations). If there is demand then I can create an audio cast to accompany the slides. Leave me a comment or tweet me to signal interest... I don't think I said anything too controversial.

Did I?

My Thanks

Last week's column - How I use Twitter to be a Better Public Servant - got a fair bit of retweets (RT) on twitter, and a number of retweets outside my initial network (including some other tweets without the RT @nickcharney). I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who read it and found it useful. I think it demonstrated how to create value from twitter even without having an account (by pairing advanced searches and RSS readers to find information). If you haven't read it, scroll down or click here.


  1. Looks like a fascinating presentation, but doubt I can get the meat of it from looking at the well put together,but only supporting slides. So if you do have audio, I'd love to hear what the whole presentation sounded like.

    Good job getting the word out.

  2. arodericks - the audio is now available.


  3. Thanks Nick, look forward to hearing what it sounded like. Appreciate it.