Monday, April 27, 2009

Round Up: Information from the Inside, Blogs We Like, and We Need Your Input

Information from the Inside

Neat info on the Innovation Challenge c/o CISTI Lab. You can view some of the entries' presentations on slideshare, I would encourage you to check out the winning entry at the very least. Well done!

This report, entitled Profile of the Information Specialist is a great resource for anyone interested in Information Management/Information Technology inside the Government of Canada (c/o Library and Archives Canada with a h/t to @pdesrochers for the link.

Blogs We Like

Peter Smith sums it up nicely with his post, This is What You Are Up Against. I really love Peter's ability to just parse out the information in the exact amount that is needed, there is never any fluff, just solid material.

While David Eaves wrote: What the post-bureaucratic era will mean for the public service.

And Etienne Laliberte (now on Twitter) responded to last week's column (make sure you read the comments), you can read his thoughts here.

We Need Your Input

Have you ever wanted to contribute a task team set up by the Clerk of the Privy Council? Here is your chance. I have been invited to sit on a task team being chaired by a Deputy Minister (at the request of the Clerk). Click here to see more details and how to contribute.

Also, Douglas Bastien would like you to hit up GCPEDIA and fill in some information on how your department is blocking your access to the internet.

Cheers, (and thanks to everyone who posts a comment here or gets me via twitter. Your input is appreciated.)

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