Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update: February 14

In my continued efforts to make this site both wickedly cool and uber-functional, I would like to inform you that if you want quicker access to the links that usually make the round ups I usually tweet them well before posting the round up. For those of you already on twitter, you are already getting this in real time. Unfortunately the rest of you usually have to wait for me to pull a round up together.

So here is my nifty little idea: I will start using hashtags to label all of my tweets (and retweets) that have links relevant to public service renewal with the hastag #cpsr (these are the links that end up in the round ups).

I would also like to encourage all of my tweeps out to also label there tweets (when appropriate) with the hashtag #cpsr so they end up in the results. Furthermore, if you tweeps do it, I wont have to RT it.

In sum you can get the quickest updates re: links #cpsr from me @nickcharney (and hopefully others) by either using your web browser (via or by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Moreover if you look at the new left sidebar, you will find some sleek looking permanent links to both of these options.

Finally, I usually like to leave the weekly column as the first post you will see when you hit the blog with your Monday morning coffee, but its family day Monday and I wanted to get this update out. So, don't forget to check out last week's column. Either by clicking here, or just scrolling down.


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