Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Round Up: Waking Up Canadian, National Inventory of Bridgeable Students, a friend in need, and more!

Let me open with congratulating @RobWiebe on this great usage of social media in government communications. Both my daughter and I thought it was fabulous, but perhaps we were a little biased. I encourage you to watch the video, pass it along and leave a comment on the youtube channel.

Hopefully you don't fall victim to the cruel irony of not being able to view it behind your departmental firewall like I do.

National Inventory of Bridgeable Students now in GCPEDIA

I have created a National Inventory for Bridgeable Students (NIBS) which can be found here on GCPEDIA. The french is most likely deplorable, but it is there. Have a look and feel free to improve the page or add to the discussion. I have no idea if this will work but it is worth a shot.

Did I mention yet that I love the transformative power of GCPEDIA? If I wanted to roll this out government wide prior to GCPEDIA what would I do? Where would I go? Who would I ask ...

... and if I wanted to do it after GCPEDIA? Well I would create the page, in GCPEDIA, and I wouldn't have to ask anyone... oh wait, that is exactly what I did.

A friend in need

Etienne is looking to help out a friend of his who is looking for federal public service managers w/5 years of experience and 20 employees to do a 60 minute phone interview. Go check out his blog post for more details.

Unofficial Musings

Here is an interesting site that that is built on an interesting concept and is well executed. I wonder what the critical reception. I would also kill to see the even the most basic metrics on the site. [h/t to @spaghetti_p]

Canadian government communicators will be interested in this paper on political control of communications entitled Who is Getting the Message? Communications at the Centre of Government [h/t to @canuckflack]

If you are interested in the concept of "Open Government" you may want to check this out.

Ever wonder about that Canada@150 project that we all got screened out of (at least I, and everyone I know did)? Why not check out these videos on youtube. Not sure how "official" these are but they are there nonetheless.

Looking for some disruptive ideas? You may want to check this out, but remember you didn't get the url from me.

I am not sure if this blogger wanted to get noticed or not but here s/he is... although the last post was back on February 9th.

Speaking of random blog posts, I also found this little gem entitled Public Service Renewal, from the makers of MAFs and DPRs

Official Publications (Canadian and Otherwise)

How Canadians' Use of the Internet Affects Social Life and Civic Participation Annual Report c/o Statscan. Statscan also maintains a page on public service renewal that I hadn't seen until recently.

07-08: Public Opinion Research in Government of Canada c/o Public Works.

Australians' use and satisfaction with e-government services—2008 c/o the Australian Department of Finance and Deregulation.

Advanced Learning Institute's Social Media for Government (in Edmonton)

I will be speaking at #ALI's Social Media for Government conference in #YEG in June, details below. If you are in the Edmonton area and wish to attend the conference fire me an email, I have a promo code for you to shave some dough off the sticker price.

My session is entitled, Putting the Social in Social Media: How to Engage Your Employees before you Engage the Public

In that spirit, just a heads up that this week's column is shares how I use twitter to be a better public servants. It attempts to cover some of what I will cover in my presentation at Career Bootcamp 2009 (Sorry I don't have a link for that handy, but search GCPEDIA and you will find it).


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