Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gov 2.0 Expo Highlights

I was fortunate enough to end up at the Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington DC. First of all, if you are ever in DC stay at the DC Guest House. Big thanks to Laurel Ruma at O'Reilly for turning me on to the place.

Second, the Expo was on the whole, pretty awesome. There were some slick show and tells, a lot of energy, and thought provoking discussions. I also (finally!) got to meet the great people behind Govloop: Steve Resler, Andrew Krzmarzick, Megan Price and of course Attia "the intern" Nasar; not to mention a whole slew of others.

Slick Show and Tells

By far my two most informative show and tell sessions were:

(follow the links above for more info)

Energetic Gov 2.0

By far the most energetic session at the Expo was Kathy Sierra's "Creating Passionate Users".

I also really enjoyed Fred Dust's Building a Culture of Experimentation. It was an elegant discussion that focused in on the need to start with people - something that is often lost along the way. (Sorry no video, it was a break out session)

Thought Provocation

Jay Parkinson's "Healthcare Needs a Redesign" was absolutely amazing, it made me want to do the exact same thing for citizen services.

Anil Dash's "Innovation and Participation: Embracing the Civic Web was great too. The main premise is that your social network is your own personal think tank. Worth a watch.

Finally, Jeff Jonas' "Spear Phishing the Masses: When Open Data is Dark" was probably my favorite talk at the entire expo just because of the informative content. Warning, don't show this talk to your CIO.

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