Monday, May 14, 2012

MBR: Policy Paradox by Deborah Stone Part 2

I decided I was going to read a book a week for a year, here's a quick review of this week's book.  You can see the ongoing list here.

Basic Info

Part 2 ...

This week took a bit longer to finish, here is the tail end of the review. I won't get too detailed but I thought I would share what is by far one of the most appropriate quotations from a the book I came across:
"Only two things limit the number of and kinds of alternatives considered: poverty of imagination and considerations of practicality. " (p. 245).
It is the quintessential challenge facing the public service, and applies to policy, management, and our daily work. I needn't remind you that I've always been a proponent of greater greater creativity in the public sector and moving away from the status quo.

Unrelated, I really liked the chapter on rules (and how to make them in a policy environment). In particular I thought the book's treatment of the primary tension in rule-making (the balance between precision and flexibility) to be well articulated and a solid reminder of what policy makers should be consider and strive for whenever crafting policy.


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