Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update on my Crowd Funding Experiment!

Hi Everyone

First - I just wanted to take a minute to thank those of you have already generously supported my IndieGoGo campaign (if you haven't clicked through yet, I wish you would!).

Second - I had a couple of people contact me asking me how to send me a cash donation (because you don't have a PayPal account); if that is something you are interested in please send me an email. What I plan on doing is simply collecting the monies and then paying them back into the campaign with my own PayPal account (so they count towards the total).

Third (and quite possibly, most importantly) I've found a Knight in Shining Armour who has agreed to translate the entire document, meaning that all of the funds raised will be going to charity!

I want to personally thank Doug Hadden VP of Products at Freebalance for agreeing to take on the translating. Doug has asked that the funds be directed to SOS Children, which I will gladly do on everyone's behest after the campaign.

There's only one catch - and its a big one - when I set up the campaign I set it up in a manner that I thought made the most sense: all or nothing. If we hit the target the money kicks in, if it we don't, well the money doesn't come through.
In other words, while I may have found a sponsor to do the heavy lifting, if we don't hit the goal this could all fall through.

I suppose what I'm saying is that I still need your help

In an effort to sweeten the pot a little I'm going to set up a permanent page on this blog for Scheming. It will house both the English and French versions of the whitepaper as well as all of the thank you's, links, blurbs, and sponsors that helped get the job done. I'll share it once I've got the mock-up complete.

In the meantime if you need anything please let me know, if you help out with the campaign, please do, the link is below.
Link to the Campaign!

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