Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Round Up: Kick Start Your Engagement Engine, Info on the Public Service, Blogs and Blogging, and more!

Looking for a way to jump "kick start your weekly engagement engine" @Cedgell found a way... (!)

... and now on with the show.

On the Public Service

  1. PS union files suit against government over 'regressive measures' in budget (or check this podcast c/o CBC Ottawa Morning)
  2. MPs focus attention on turnover within PS Committee zeroes in on churn, costly 'classification creep
  3. The Honor in Bureaucracy
  4. Remarks by Kevin G. Lynch Clerk of the Privy Council to McGill Institute

Finally here is an podcast of a piece on CBC Ottawa Morning on Public Service Leadership Grads.

Blogs and Blogging

  1. Public servants have permission to blog, sort of, maybe?
  2. Transparency and Finding Information on Government Web Sites and Food for Thought on public servants using social media c/o Peter Smith. Peter finally has his own URL).
  3. Congrats Etienne on your 100th blog post.
  4. Interested in deep packet inspection? Read this post c/o @canuckflack.

On Social Media

  1. The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500
  2. Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees: study

Lesson from the Private Sector

  1. Top employers let grads experiment

Thanks for stopping by. I still plan on writing a brief weekly column this week even though it's Easter.


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