Friday, October 23, 2009

Column: The Three Laws of Open Public Servants

  1. If you don't act, you don't exist
  2. If you don't share, you can't engage
  3. If you can't act or share, you can't empower
Act, share and empower. That's what we want, and that is what public service renewal is at it's core.

(Note: This post was prompted by some great work done by David Eaves, namely the three laws of open government piece.)

Note that while we work as public servants this is entirely our own initiative and what we post here does not necessarily reflect the view of the government, our offices or our positions there in.

Notez bien que nous travaillons commes functionnaires, ceci est entièrement notre propre initiative et ce que nous publions sur ce site ne reflète pas nécessairement le point de vue du gouvernement, de nos organisations ou de nos postes.