Monday, September 19, 2011

Public service renewal: the weekly round-up

For the week of September 12 - 16, 2011.

G'morning --

Here they are, top 3 reads from last week on PS renewal.

  • The report from the Public Service Alliance of Canada on the Public Service Modernization Act five-year legislative review is out. Interestingly, a story on highlights that the new act allows for any person to accuse a public servant of "improper political activity," and gives the Public Service Commission (PSC) plenty of space to interpret which actions are acceptable. How far does ‘political activity’ extend? On Mirriam Webster it’s simple: something relating to government, or the conduct of government.

  • We’ve heard a lot about open data for governments, but what does open data actually look like? It’s all about how this info is organized for other people to use. Check out the beta site for the B.C. government to see open data in action.

  • It’s worth checking out the Delta Partners Blog on Strategic & Operational Reviews. This week’s part 3 has started a very interesting unpacking of tribalism and the public service.

Find these helpful? Want to see something different? Let me know.

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