Friday, September 14, 2012

The Office Challenge

I've often argued that a little levity in the office goes a long way. 
It's why I made a web comic a while back on the Kubler Ross Model of internet blocking, why I sometimes advocate guerilla tactics in the workplace, and why I launched Gov + Memes.
you! by dhammza
It's also why I'm bringing you the Office Challenge; a list of totally absurd yet funny things to try to pull off in the office. They are neither intended to significantly distract from the workday nor be offensive to your colleagues. They are simply a way to have some fun in the office.  
You remember fun don't you?
Random Challenges
  • "Make it rain" Monopoly money in a budget meeting (bonus points for if its done while presenting a Treasury Board Submission)
  • Use Comic Sans font instead of bold to add emphasis to a briefing note
  • Put up a variant of this poster on the shredder in the office.
  • Change your email signature to "Stay Frosty"
  • Rickroll someone with a hyperlink to this Rick Astley Classic in a briefing note and/or email
  • Replace your chair with a hammock
  • Make a window in your cubicle by removing the panels (I've actually done this btw)
  • Do this in the elevator.
  • (leave your own in the comments below!)
You know that old NRA bumper sticker saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people" well you can say almost the same thing about cubicles, namely that: "Cubicles don't bore, people bore people".

I for one find it sad that something as simple as a little levity seems so outside the norm for so many of us that the tongue-in-cheek suggestions above can seem outrageous rather than humorous.

I'm not saying don't do the work, I'm just saying that there is room to have a little fun while doing it.
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