Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Contradictions, Changes, and Openness

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I occasionally still use my old blog for a release valve. On Sunday I wrote about embracing our contradictions, and if you're curious: Large. Contains Multitudes. It could as easily apply to how we approach our professional lives, but I decided to keep it general.

Generally, I avoid discussing my specific job on this blog. While I'm, naturally, influenced by the environment I'm working in, I try to keep my views rather separate from those of my organization. So I avoided weighing in on Nick's recent GCpedia posts (see: GCpedia: a David Among Goliaths and Embrace GCpedia as a Technological David), even though it's a near and dear topic - I had been working on the team that supports GCpedia and GCconnex since June.

Since joining the public service I've developed a lot of "ought" statements about the way the public service should work. Working openly is one of them. But while working on GCpedia and GCconnex, openness on those platforms is the only option (and I'm sure I still have a lot to learn and much to improve). So even a few months ago I found myself looking forward to learning how to apply ideas to other positions and roles, and the challenges in doing so.

As it happens, last week I was reassigned to a new portfolio. Should be really interesting, and should take the need for openness to a new level. So a new adventure, the need to walk the walk, and a new walk to learn.

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