Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How We Govern Ourselves

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Today I'm just going to point you towards CBC Ideas: a 54 minute podcast on whether citizens' brains are built for democracy. The episode centers around the PhD work of David Moscrop, but covers many fascinating bases: rationality versus emotion, how we communicate, cameras in Parliament, and how different social mixes can massively influence people's approaches (and groups' outcomes).

Ideas from the Trenches - Too Dumb for Democracy

It's great food for thought on how we govern ourselves. If you get inspired and would like a slightly deeper dive, you can find some counterpoints to the views expressed (report-length, both):

Direct Democracy Works

This highlights possible differences between issues-based and representative-based votes and points to various direct democracy macro success stories.

Why Critics of Transparency are Wrong 

Different angle, but the premise they question - that citizens' views about what they want are inaccurate - is similar. They also specifically take on pros and cons of cameras in governing bodies. 

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