Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Couple of Things

First of all , I would encourage you to check out David Eaves latest blogpost entitled "The Public Service as a Gift Economy".

Second, We are considering playing with the overall format of this site. So if you hit it up and it looks like it is in the middle of a major re-org, it probably is. We put it together hastily so we could hit the ground running and now that we have caught up we want to make it a little more user friendly / easier to maneuver.


Note that while we work as public servants this is entirely our own initiative and what we post here does not necessarily reflect the view of the government, our offices or our positions there in.

Notez bien que nous travaillons commes functionnaires, ceci est entièrement notre propre initiative et ce que nous publions sur ce site ne reflète pas nécessairement le point de vue du gouvernement, de nos organisations ou de nos postes.