Thursday, July 10, 2008

Round-Up: July 10

David Eaves has a great post on 'Collaboration' that is based on a recent conversation he had with a boomer.

Here is an excerpt:

... he was again struck by how easily I embraced and used the term. For boomers - he explained - “collaboration” brings forward notions of Vichy France or narcs, people who sold out or who betrayed their origins in some way, often for gain or even to work (usually on behalf of) of a new (usually alien and/or evil) outsider.

What a difference a generation makes. Today I see more and more of my friends using the term. Which begs the question…


I would encourage you to check out David's post.

Also tomorrow's column ... if we ever get done editing it ... will be on the role of public service unions within the renewal process.

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