Thursday, August 7, 2008

Round-Up August 7th

There is a great news article on innovation in the Montreal Gazette that I want to draw your attention to, I was going to try to work it into tomorrow's weekly but haven't been able to. Here is an excerpt:

"You'd think the popularity of the [application] would get bureaucrats to say: 'Hey, people want this. And we don't have to make it ourselves,' " Poncsak said.

Poncsak learned he has to start small before going big.

He's now in Regina, developing a similar system for that city's transit system. Smaller cities and companies, he says, are more open to outside technology.

"The big ones want to be innovative, but they're too conservative to be innovative."
And just for some comic relief Lifehacker has a link to the Cubicle Warrior's Guide to Office Jargon.

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