Monday, September 15, 2008

Round-Up September 15

A while back we wrote a column that tried to illustrate a simple way to use twitter to cut down on unnecessary email exchanges between public servants within a single shop. Apparently someone was already working on it. Yammer uses your email address's domain name to connect you to other users. This might seem crazy if you work for a large org like HRSDC but you can narrow your updates by choosing who to follow etc. You can use yammer in your browser, on your portable or in a standalone app for your pc. Anyways, we think you should check out and watch the demo ... then tell us how useful it would be to deploy in your organization.

Mike and I did a test run on Friday afternoon and loved it... too bad Monday morning the firewall got the better of us.

Speaking of twitter - Mike Kujawski has a great post on leveraging twitter for public marketing.

Happy Monday ...

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