Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Round-Up: September 9th

I just wanted to thank everyone who attended the barcamp - it was awesome. [h/t to Colin et al for organizing]

The NRCan Wiki is by far one of the best deployed pieces of web 2.0 technologies in the federal government today. I am surprised that more departments haven't gotten on board / that the centre hasn't picked it up and ran with it as a PS wide exercise.

I know what I will be trying to champion within my own department in the next month ... better start on the 'artillery work'.


From the E.X. files - The Deputy has no clothes.

Research Papers

A colleague flipped me an email with a link to a recent discussion paper entitled, Will the Unionized Workplace Attract and Retain New Talent? Given our previous columns we figured it might be worth the read (FYI we are currently reading it so no opinion can be shared as of yet).


Peter Smith weighs in on unofficial government bloggers.

Etienne Laliberté raised some great points in his blogging @ work.gc.ca post so I am linking to it again.


The Canadian School of Public Service has decided to start podcasting:

With the launch of the new Podcasting Directory in the fall of 2008, audio and audio-video files will be available for download directly from the School’s website which will further extend the reach of the Armchair Discussion Program and allow you to learn at your convenience. Such services help to minimize the barrier of time for participants in the regions.

Not to mention it just makes good sense to allow people access to knowledge and training when it is convenient for them to access it, and in the medium they want to access it...

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