Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Round-Up: December 2nd

Keep your eyes peeled, we may have a new government...


  1. Strike ban proposal 'atrocious,' unions say
  2. PSAC calls on all members to back coalition
  3. Public service under fire
  4. Goodwill toward public servants - Nothing beats a display of non-denominational holiday spirit for lightening the mood in The System
  5. PSAC denies report striking postal workers crossing picket lines
  6. Critics slam plan for new pay equity legislation
  7. Facebook isn't just for friends
  8. Managers want tribes, not teams

Other interesting tidbits
  1. Gen-Y workers are worth taking the time to understand
  2. Three Ways to Beat Burnout c/o Harvard Business Journal


The financial collapse and the unsaid thoughts of public servants c/o David Eaves.

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