Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Round Up: February 11

Here is an interesting account of why Twitter works so well and why to tweet or not to tweet is a decision making process. To be honest I was playing around in Twitter but quickly saw its potential and I have already had the good fortune to meet many people, to have conversations with them, to get links from them, and be asked to lend a hand in activities that are of interest to me. There is even some talk of Twitter being to Google what Google was to AOL.

I would encourage you all to check out twitter yourself.
Maybe you could consider creating your own social media strategy? If you need some help you can always read this post or this post, both c/o Chris Brogan. We have already written here at length about the usefulness of a behind the firewall twitter service (such as yammer).

Etienne has posted a series of blogs chalked full of links for your viewing pleasure.

In my attempts to learn more about social media usage in Canada I came across this great tool from Forrester.

Peter Smith has some interesting points to make about innovation in the public sector, complete with a great video.

Big h/t to dbhume for this great article on how Cisco has rebuilt itself into one of the most innovative companies today.

If you are looking for some innovation right here within the GoC, look no further then the Privacy Commissioner's Blog and their video contest.

Canadian Government Executive Magazine is looking to engage youth via their online forums, the latest question they asked is: Why did you join the PS?


Ps - I made some slight modifications to the website, so if you are subscribing by RSS it might be worth just taking a look every now and again.

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