Friday, October 24, 2014

No Words

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There are simply no words to describe what happened in Ottawa this week; by all accounts it was unprecedented. My hope is that these events don't go unnoticed, that we use them as an inflection point and that we reflect on the importance of not only our systems of governance but our conduct within them. Our democracy is important, the sacrifices made to safeguard it must not be taken for granted and it is our duty to ensure they were not made in vain.

Thank you Cpl. Nathan Cirillo for giving your life in service of this great country, Sergeant At Arms Kevin Vickers for having the unenviable task of taking a life in service of it, and every one else – uniformed or otherwise – who took on leadership roles for Queen and Country as events unfolded.

I'll be wearing my poppy early this year, I hope you will too.

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