Friday, October 31, 2014

Three thoughts on leaders and leadership

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As you likely know I joined the Institute on Governance (IOG) via an interchange in January of this year.

I've since taken on additional responsibilities, a new title and started the IOG's Executive Leadership Program. In fact, the program kicked off this week with a two day executive retreat.

It was an incredibly rich two days but rather than sing the program's praises, I wanted to quickly share three of my early takeaways from the program (which I scribbled down in my learning journal):

  1. Leadership is a process of influence that happens in a group to achieve a result. 
  2. It is about resilience, both personal and institutional, good leaders are able to turn the former into the latter. 
  3. We often rely on our own strengths and talents, good leaders play to the strengths and talents of others.
Cheers (and happy Halloween!)

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