Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Round-Up October 13

I started poking around on BNET Business Network website and found some pretty cool stuff I wanted to point to:

  1. 3 ways to connect with Gen-Y Workers
  2. Kiss your brand goodbye
  3. Gen X is unhappy at work
  4. Are you at war with Generation Y
  5. How to start a mentoring program
  6. The End of Time Based Management
  7. Turbo Charge Meetings
  8. Encourage Excellent Performance

Mike Kujawski has set up a GoC Best Practices Wiki. Mike also has some upcoming armchair discussions at CSPS.

Chamika sent me this timely article that prompted me add another feed to my RSS: Invert the Management Pyramid

Brigitte, in Atlantic Canada pointed our attention to this wiki ... yes, apparently the GoC has a wiki (still a "proof of concept") but there nonetheless.


There is an IABC/Ottawa Speaker Series featuring Mark Blevis and his insights about the return on influence.


The Code Factory at 246 Queen Street from 5 to 7 pm on Thursday, Oct. 16.


The digital age of communications and public relations has resulted in organizations being able to more easily and more affordably reach and engage with their target audiences -- internal and external.

Mark will examine some real life impacts of social media in action and inaction, discuss the rules of engagement associated with the trust economy, and suggest ways in which digital communications can be used for outreach and relationship building.

More Info/Register.

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