Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Round-Up: November 26


  1. No recession in Ottawa
  2. How to land a job in Ottawa
  3. 'Whistleblower' sues PSAC over dismissal
  4. Advisers accuse PSAC of selling out rights claim
  5. A tale of two contracts


Etienne has a new domain name, update your RSS feeds accordingly.

Mike Kujawski thinks that Social Media will be hot during the recession. He lists a couple of compelling reasons, reasons that proponents could find support for by leveraging the recent speech from the throne's specific commitment to making government more effective (at least in my opinion):

Part of a solid economic and fiscal foundation is the sound management of government. To make Canada’s national government more effective, our Government is committed to reform and streamline the way it does business.

Our Government will pursue innovative reforms to the administration of programs and services, drawing on the successful experiences of other governments around the world. It will build partnerships with third parties and the private sector to deliver better services at a lower overall cost.


Also, following PSAC's lead, CAPE has tentatively agreed to 6.8% over 4 years.

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