Monday, November 24, 2008

Round-Up: November 24th

Things inside the GoC

  1. PCO put up a power point presentation from a PS Recruitment fair.
  2. The fall edition of Its my day is up and running.
  3. You probably want to read the speech from the throne if you haven't already. Here is the relevant snippet on Public Service Renewal:
The Public Service of Canada is a key national institution. Public servants inspect our food and police our borders. They deliver programs and services to millions of Canadians in every region of this country, from our largest cities to the most remote Arctic communities. Drawing on the recommendations of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Public Service, our Government is committed to the continued renewal of the Public Service.

  1. Don't ignore value of digital generation
  2. PS faces forced wage controls
  3. Ottawa public servants face stagnant wages, fewer colleagues
  4. Unions need to wake up to the reality of today's economy
  5. How clerk's job moved to the centre of power
  6. Federal public service faces challenge of renewal
  7. Civil service hiring outlook remains healthy

  1. What's the Fuss Over Leadership? c/o Etienne
  2. On-the-Spot Job Offers: Real Solution or Quick Fix? (c/o Etienne - we really like this one!)
  3. For What it's Worth c/o Paul Crookall @ CGEM. (I was also @ the Osbaldeston Lecture, I hope to provide my reaction in the future, but in the interim you can get the flavour of the lecture from Paul's blog posting.)

Interesting Armchairs being offered @ CSPS

  1. Depression Was Not Part of my Career plan (EN/FR)
  2. Bottom Up Change: It Starts with an Individual (EN/FR) (by our Friend Etienne Laliberté)
  3. Government Blogging - Best Practices and Tips for Success (by our friend Mike Kujawski)

Other things of interest
  1. 10 Ways to Make Office Slacker Pull His Weight

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