Friday, March 27, 2009 Weekly Column: Two Important Things to Public Servants

Although I have a whole slew of excuses for not writing a proper column this week (and a Google calendar and a loving wife that can back me up), I won't bother you with the details.

So, in lieu of providing you with a comprehensive article on a cutting edge issue, I would rather leave you with two short, but incredibly important things (selon-moi):

  1. If you raise your hand (or voice) to complain, you'd better be willing to get off your ass to do something about it. Otherwise, I expect you to grin and bear it.
  2. If you aren't willing to accept and celebrate small successes, then you will be met with nothing but large scale failure.

See you in Toronto today.


  1. I Second the Motion Nick!

    I think you are walking the talk at HRSDC...let's keep it up!


  2. Great points Nick. I've been a big believer in Point #1 since I was a teenager, and it's never been more pertinent. And I've admittedly struggled with #2, but have worked on it (and the patience it requires). Two solid values to keep in mind though. Well put!

  3. Thanks again Nic

    It appears Alberta is up and running again.

    While I agree, I need to expand on point 1.

    Listen closely to other people's complaints the first time and note patterns in multiple people with the same complaint, there may be an opportunity for you to shine and solve their problem. This is also a good indicator of the culture where it truely evolves, at the grass roots.

    The rubber hits the road when they decide to either accept or refuse your assistance. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    Scheme on brother.

    Craig Sellars