Sunday, March 29, 2009

Round Up: The Clerk's Report, a New Community of Practice, Social Media, and more!

First, if the the column two weeks ago on the use of Twitter interested you, you may want to read this post about Governments Experimenting with Twitter c/o @davefleet. I also wanted to thank everyone who commented on it, Mike and I had an email exchange regarding the post and the comments but it was hardly rant worthy so I am not sure if sharing it will provide any value to the discussion. Let me know if you want me to post it and I will.

2 Important Reports, and a Video

The Clerk of the Privy Council released his 16th Annual Report to the PM. While I am reserving comment, others have not so feel free to check out some of the MSM coverage. I will say that I think that the best snippet is:

The business of government has become markedly more complex than in the past. Today, almost every department and agency must deal with global challenges, using new tools and asking people to work in new ways – in integrated teams, often across organizational boundaries.

Oh an while you are doing all of this reading, you mine as well also take in the Third Report of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Public Service; or some newly minted Reports on Plans and Priorities to learn more about your department (or other departments).

I would also encourage you to watch this video that Doug found on the PCO website and head over to his blog to find some context, again I am reserving comment, but perhaps it has something to do with the hiring spree that I have heard so much about.

New Community of Practice

If you are interested in joining the new GoC Web Analytics Community of Practice there is some must read information here.

Social Media

This is a really neat piece on Social Media and History, maybe that is why the new UK primary curriculum requires children to master Twitter and Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, just to the south, the US Federal Government Signs Deal With YouTube, Flickr and Other Social Sites, and apparently are also rolling a Digg clone.

On Equity in the Public Service:

There are a couple of different sources saying that visible minorities making gains in public service and that the number of minorities in PS higher than reported. While others are reporting that there is something fishy with the data.


Here is a letter arguing that retired public servants have wisdom to offer and another arguing that Public servants should represent the ideals of a nation.


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