Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update: 2009 National Managers Community Leadership Awards: Public Service Renewal.

The 2009 National Managers Community Leadership Awards has thus far eluded our attention thus far [h/t to Laura] for bringing it to our attention and a big thumbs down to me for forgetting to include it in the last round up.

I have reproduced the content verbatim below:

Announcing the 9th Annual
National Managers' Community
Leadership Award Theme:

"Making a difference in Public Service Renewal- Excellence in Initiative"


The theme for this year's National Managers' Community (NMC) Leadership Award 2009 is "Making a Difference in Public Service: Excelling in Initiative." The criteria centre around the initiative shown by managers to find effective solutions that exceed expectations. This award recognizes and rewards managers who are using their initiative to achieve results in ways that meaningfully engage their employees and that effect positive organizational change.


A manager, leader or team who has demonstrated initiative in at least one of the following areas:

  • Developing programs and initiatives that support a culture of renewal and achieve a generational shift in the public service;
  • Engaging employees and other relevant stakeholders in exploring new perspectives and new ways of doing things;
  • Building and leading effective teams, networks and communities;
  • Sharing best practices, learning tools, knowledge within and between federal organizations to create change and achieve solutions;
  • Empowering, coaching, mentoring, motivating and supporting employees to use their skill and initiative; or
  • Recognizing employees for their initiative and contributions and rewarding results.

This nomination is open to all managers at the EX minus one level and below (and/or equivalent).


Nominations will include a one-page (maximum) summary of the accomplishment(s) of the nominee(s) in relation to the above criteria. The nomination must also include the support and endorsement of three individuals. These endorsements may come from peers, supervisors, clients, partners and supervised staff. The completed nomination form, along with supporting documentation as described above is to be sent to the National Managers' Community Regional Coordinator in the nominee's region (

A selection committee will be convened in each region comprising members of the National Managers' Community Regional Committee to review the nominations.


Awards will be presented at a regional National Managers' Community event. In the case of a team award, the team may be asked to select one person to accept on behalf of the team.


For more information please contact your Regional Coordinator (see ( or contact Anne Gillis (902) 368-0126.

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