Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Round Up: Mass Collaboration and the New Transparency, MSM on the Recession, GCPEDIA and more

You may have noticed the different title for the round up. I just wanted to thank @TariqAlexander for pointing out that it may be more advantageous to our readership if we give you a sense of the content in the roundups rather then just the date.

Speaking Engagement

First of all I just wanted to let you know that I will be speaking to the National Manager's Community in Toronto on March 27th. Keep an eye on their website because I hear there will be details there soon.

Mass Collaboration and the New Transparency

I got to watch Us Now at the CSPS. It was a great film, if you want more information on it you can read Mike Kujawski's blog post. In it you will find a great link to a summary written by Richard Akerman.

It just so happens that 2 of the panelists at the CSPS screening were also on the Agenda with Steve Paikin discussing the New Transparency.

Here is a related article on how Dell uses social media to gather employees ideas and another discussion on Open Source Government Transparency Projects (#osgtp). If you are interested in these projects @NoelDickover seems to be the person to talk to.


Laura had an interesting post entitled: Assure mediocrity: create more rules. Here is a (very powerful) taste:

At a time when the government is trying so hard to become an ‘employer of choice’ and our Universities push out graduates trained in traditional communications, journalists and engineers, who among the professionals working in the government is trained in ‘bureaucracy 101′? I shouldn’t even have to understand how to escalate issues through the hierarchy to get work done, much less teach my staff how to do so. I feel like I’m corrupting people instead of nurturing their growth. I should get to talk about collaborative work practices and using social media for professional development and citizen engagement instead.

Make sure you read down into the comments as well. If you are interested in this topic, then you might want to provide some input into the Federal Public Service Code of Conduct.

MSM on the Recession

  1. The Public Service is not safe from recession; and
  2. Public servants in BC polled on taking ‘free’ time off to avoid wider layoffs

GCPEDIA Challenge

Here are some new pages of interest to public servants using social media on GCPEDIA. I would invite you all to contribute to them if you have additional information that may be of use:

  1. Public Servants on Twitter
  2. Public Servant bloggers

Speaking of public servant bloggers, I have created a single feed using Yahoo Pipes that will allow you to subscribe to all of the blogs listed in the GCPEDIA article.

Finally, @laureent wants your help fostering a discussion on Mentorship Programs in the Public service. If anyone has any resources they could contribute please visit the page and share your experience.

Two Inspirational Tweets

I just wanted to leave you with two nice little tweets that I came across this week on twitter:

  1. @DGTweets: ‘Every valuable human being must be a radical and a rebel, for what he must aim at is to make things better than they are.’
  2. @micah: My hiring strategy: I will believe in you today, if you will surprise me tomorrow.
Oh and thanks to all those who commented on last week's column.

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    Loved that article on Dell's EmployeeStorm initiative!

    Now isn't that the ideal platform to foster Virtuous Scheming? With the idea of voting, and creating buzz around your ideas, IdeaStorm could be a perfect platform for just such a thing.

    P.S. Good luck in T.O.!